Saturday, February 7, 2009

Canon by Johann Pachelbel

The first time I heard this music was on the movie "My Sassy Girl". The film is about a college male student named Gyeon - woo and a Girl who was never named. So they've been "hooked up" together, blah blah blah. To commemorate their 100th day together, the girl called Gyeon - woo and told him to bring him flowers. Gyeon - woo did that, he went to the school of the Girl in disguise (because it was an all - girls school, so boys are not allowed to enter the premises) and found her on the auditorium, on stage, playing Pachelbel's Canon in D. I was stunned when I first heard this classical music. Its so, uhm (all the nice adjectives you can find in the dictionary), that describes Canon. So as to the movie..☺

Here is a clip from the movie which is so romantic. (How I wish a guy would do the same thing for me, lol!)

Here is another video, which is a rearrangement of the music.

There were a lot of rearrangement done in the original Canon, but the above are the best ones for me.☻

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

Herbal Essences is a brand of shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair coloring products initially designed to appeal to holistic and natural products shoppers but eventually targeted almost exclusively at women. It is created by Clairol and subsequently owned by Procter & Gamble. The original product was named "Clairol herbal essence shampoo".

The brand is noted for its advertisements featuring women mimicking various states of sexual arousal, including orgasm, when washing their hair with the shampoo. The company no longer runs these ads in the US which previously aired them in the late 1990s and 2000s. The ads were also aired in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, Australia, Greece, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Collections include Hello Hydration, Long Term Relationship, Body Envy, Totally Twisted, Dangerously Straight, Break's Over, Color me Happy, None of Your Frizzness, Drama Clean, Shimmery Nights, and Set Me Up Stylers. In July 2006, Herbal Essences released a line of hair styling products. These include hair straightening, curling, and shaping gels.

Well, I am currently using None of Your Frizzness Shampoo and Conditioner for a year now. I discovered this product when my younger sister gave it to me as a Christmas present last December 2007. I see the big changes on my hair now. Before my hair is really frizzy and unmanageable, but now its more soft and silky. It also straightened my hair.

Its quite expensive than local shampoo's and conditioner's here in the Philippines but its worth buying. I don't need to visit salons more frequent to avail their hair treatment services. The shampoo alone has good effect on hair but it will have more great result if paired with the conditioner.

Here are some photos before I was using a local brand of shampoo. (Just mind the hair ok?)☺

And these are photos after using Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner. It is noticeable on the following pictures that my hair is more straight and shiny. Unlike on the above pictures that is more frizzy and fuzz.

Sample pics of the product. (conditioner on left and shampoo on right.)

I LOOOVE this product!♥

Monday, February 2, 2009

Penshoppe Wrist Watch

Let me clear first that I have nothing against Penshoppe.(Peace!) I just want to share this wrist watch I bought a year ago at their shop.

For those who are not familiar with Penshoppe. This is recognized as one of the market leaders in the Philippine's in fashion, accessories and personal care product industry.

To start of, I was roaming around the mall that time. If am not mistaken, that was December 2007. There were lot of sale items because it was almost year end. Until I bumped into their shop, Penshoppe. This cute pink circular container caught my attention. So i checked it out. It was a wrist watch. It has 14 different colorful straps for only P800, around $17 (I can't remember the exact price but am sure its more or less P800). Take Note: The watch was not included on their sale items. I bought it right away, on its regular price.

After a month or two, I observed that the time it showed was late. Every now and then I have to adjust its time, but after the long run, it shows a late time. I then decided to have its battery changed. So I did, then after it still had the same problem. Besides, am having hard time to wear it on my own. I always have to ask someone to tie it on my wrist. Until I didn't use it anymore. Scratch like started to form on the frame of the watch. Now, its stocked in my closet.

Here are some photos.☺

For now, I use the straps as accessories for my hair. Tied as a ribbon, it's so cute!♥

Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Authentic Home Based Job (This is not a SCAM nor NETWORKING)

This is not a scam or networking. The only requirement that this job will ask from you is your patience and dedication. This one is you must really try.

Are you familiar with Paid to Click? If not, I'm inviting you to this one of a kind home based job. Its easy to join. All you need to do is to click and watch advertisement for 30 seconds and earn as much as you can. You really don't need any experience to join here. Earning are not in Peso but in US Dollars denomination. At a minimum, you'll be earning, $0.01 per advertisement depending on which Paid to Click you will sign up to. Just do your math and expand your horizons. You may click as many advertisement as you want, depending on how many PTC (Paid To Click) groups you will join. Here are the step by step guide in this one of a kind home based job:
  1. First is you must have a computer with an Internet connection.
  2. You must allot your time here. The more time you allot here, the more you can earn.
  3. You must have an active email address. You will be required to have an active email address during registration.
  4. Before proceeding to any PTC groups, create your Alert Pay account. Just go to this site and register. Your PTC groups will send your money to alert pay and alert pay will send it to you. Just read on the Terms of Agreements of Alert Pay.
  5. After having your alert pay account, you can now start joining PTC group. Reminder: Before joining any PTC group, please read their TOS or Terms of Agreement. This home based job is not a scam so they are quite strict in implementing their TOS. Cheaters are not allowed. Who are those so called cheaters? You will know more and understand after reading their TOS. Note: Some PTC groups decline some affiliates from a specific country. I don't know why, but one thing is for sure. You should be honest.
  6. All PTC will require you to register. Registration is very easy. It only takes you a couple of minutes. After that, you can now log in, look for the "Surf Ads" or "View Ads" menu. That's it! You can start earning. A new window will open for every ad you are trying to view. A timer will appear on the upper left or right of the page. After the timer stops, a green check will appear indicating that it was successfully credited to your account. You should also refresh the page by clicking "View Ads" or "Surf Ads". Do not attempt to view again the ad you already visited or else the session will be terminated. So be careful on clicking. Note: You can only view one ad at a time.
  7. After you have viewed all the advertisements available. You can check you Account on how much you have earned. All PTC groups vary in their minimum cash out. When you have reach their minimum cash out, you can now request to transfer your earnings to your Alert Pay account.
  8. Remember: Be honest, patient and hardworking! There's no such thing as instant money. You really have to work hard for it. But still working hard in our convenience of just clicking ads.
  9. Now allow me to share to you my PTC sites where I joined. Kindly write my name on the referrer section during registration. Note: Every referrals you make is an additional earning. So the more referrals you make, the more earnings you get.


If these links don't work, you may copy paste it on the web browser. Again, kindly indicate me on the referrer section during registration. Good luck! Happy clicking!☺

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Post

Well, welcome to my first post. My first time to write a blog. I just woke up this morning and decided to sign up in this blog spot. Maybe because it will keep me busy from my tiresome day-to-day lifestyle. And also influenced by my friend Oyen. She also has a blog account.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Terumi. My friends call me Terumi or Yumi. My family and relatives call me Andrea, Drea. It really doesn't matter to me what they call me as long as it is a name suitable for me.. LOL! Am a half blooded japanese, so don't be curious if my name is so wierd. Am already 20 years old and turning older. I grew up and stays in the Philippines.

Anyway, I usually stay at home. Locked up inside my room for several hours surfing the net, chatting or just simply listening to music. I can't call myself homebuddy because when I go out with my friends, am out for 2-3 days. Yeah! 2-3 days out on the road with my buddies, sleepovers on their places, going on different malls, food tripping, shopping, making fun of items on sale. Just enjoying! But lately, they have been too busy on their studies, so here i am stuck in my room!

I also have a collection of some Hello Kitty items, keychains, bags, stuffed toys, and some cute little things. I was also into this doll house called Sylvanian Family before. But I stopped beacuse its really expensive. I really want to travel and see new places. Hopefully, somebody will give me a free round trip tour here or outside the country. LOL!

Am not really into watching movies or TV shows. It really makes me bore. I'd rather sleep than watch those sort of shows. But I would love to see a live theater show, magic shows, anything entertaining but live..☻

That's all for my first post. I will post new blogs soon so you can know more about me. ☻